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Despite the weather your solar system and monitoring capabilities will perform optimally.


Solar system prices have been decreasing over the last 10 years & is now affordable.


Long-term savings and income generation due to free energy received from the sun daily.


Solar energy is among the cleanest sources of energy.

Renewable Energy Policy in Malaysia for Solar Systems

Net Energy Metering (NEM) allows self-consumption of electricity generated by solar systems. Excess energy is sold to utility companies.

Annual Return on Investment


Total ROI after 21 years


*These are projected figures based on the electricity consumption of a typical Malaysian household with a 5kW install. Our engineers will study your electricity consumption patterns and geographical location to provide you with more exact figures.

Feed-in Tariff (FiT) allows solar system users to sell electricity generated to utility companies at a fixed rate for 21 years.

Annual Return on Investment


Total ROI after 21 years


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Why You Should Choose Us 

Direct Relationship With Manufacturers

Established Solar Academy

10 - 25 Years Warranty 

Dedicated Customer Service

International Expertise

100 Solar technicians trained annually

Solar Lab with latest Solar technology equipment and testers. Only Installer in Malaysia to have an EL Tester.

Our own Grid Tied Solar Installation on site with live solar systems demonstrations

In house International & Local expertise

We run Malaysia's 1st Solar Academy

SOLS Energy operates the first Solar Academy in Malaysia. We train over 100 solar technicians yearly. We believe that by harnessing local expertise, we can meet the demands of this growing industry while providing youth employment and opportunities.

SOLS Energy

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We're licensed providers registered with Malaysia's energy  & construction agencies

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